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Lola is the Complete System and Guide to automating your insurance marketing. She comes with a suite of proven marketing strategies for use in email or direct mail campaigns, or a combination, the choice is yours.

With Lola you are getting the HOW-TO of insurance marketing coupled with a system that is incredibly EASY to use. Lola offers massive value at an affordable $49/month.

Reach out and communicate with prospects and customers on a frequent, professional and consistent basis. You will go a long way toward building relationships that will help you grow and retain your business.

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Lola, the Insurance marketing system.

Selling insurance is a process, not a problem. It becomes a problem when it lacks process.

Tom O'Brien, Nationwide Insurance

Your Time.


This is where the rubber meets the road. Developing and sustaining relationships with your customers is the core value that an agency can bring.

Use Lola's proven marketing strategies to reach out to your prospects and customers, creating top of mind awareness for your agency.

Your Customers.


Keep in touch with your customers. When they are ready to renew, you are the agency they will think of.

Demonstrate that your agency is highly successful at retaining customers, your carriers will be looking out for this.

Your Connections.

Cross Selling.

Most agencies fall short in this area. Focus on selling more policies to your existing customers using Lola's tools and strategies.

It is far cheaper to grow your agency in this way as opposed to hunting for new customers.

Your Pipeline.

Your Pipeline.

Lola keeps track of where each prospect is in the sale cycle. Step by step, for each prospect, Lola gets the ex dates, gets the appointment and makes the sale.

Lola lets you know what tasks you need to do next. Your contribution is minimal, Lola does all the hard work.

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Easy to use.

Lola gets it done.

Insurance is an ultra-competitive business and, until now, there hasn't been anything like this to help a new agent quickly navigate the learning curve.

Lola is the perfect system for new agents to get their careers off the ground faster and with more stability. A new agent can use it to earn revenue as he or she learns the insurance business.

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